Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ebay EPN Affiliates - Must Read Article on Squidoo

This is an important article for anyone using ebays partner program.
Give it up before they steal your commissions and ban your account.
EBAY have lost their minds and are loosing users in droves because of their stupidity.
I was banned simply for using their supplied affiliate RSS feed for the term "games" and burning it with feedburner which then sent tweets out. Social networking is the way of the future and ebay doesnt get it, they consider it low quality and just close your account keeping all and any commissions you have owed to you. Its wrong and its a scam.
IF your an ebay affiliate you MUST click this link and read the info because you could be next!

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  1. It happened to me, years of loyalty, years of work and then banned for no good reason, no help offered, just banned.

    Im so angry I wont be using ebay at all ever again to buy or sell anything. I will go to one of their many competitors and urge you to also do the same, they dont respect their partners or members so voice your dusgust and give them the flick!


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