Friday, 14 November 2014

The Gameznet Arcade - Get Your Game Face On!

The Gameznet Arcade - Get Your Game Face On!

Finally Got the Gameznet Arcade running properly..
theres thousands of games here.. lots of different types and you can play them all for free.
check it out!

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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Why I am starting to hate getting on my computer

Does using your wonderful technology make you angry?


So I been trying to work on some sites lately and am really getting anoyed how every time I load a wordpress sites up or even turn on my computer I am bombarded with update requests and it doesnt matter whether Im using my Mac, Iphone, Ipad PC or logging into my Dedicated Server or a simple wordpress website .
So I have a message for all software developers out there SLOW THE F**K DOWN WITH THE UPDATES!

The whole industry and software developers overall have lost the plot completely and have a real nerve, do they think its a competition to see who can release the most updates per year..  and its not just windows or antivirus is it.. It is a constant problem and ongoing battle at every level, there is constant barrage of updates just for the basics and then god forbid if you work in technology and have to run a server and then have platforms on that server, then on those platforms you have plugins and themes that require various other apps and technologies and then they have the nerver to constantly ask us to for more of our  money, money, money.....
I don’t think you developer people realize that us users are caught in a nightmare that seems to progressively get worse, we are bombarded with updates, upgrades and subscription renewals at every turn, flooded with emails for everything we purchase and pay for and Im not even talking about all the spam and crap we have to deal with.
 We are constantly hounded to pay renewal fees, subscriptions and relentlessly nagged to upgrade this and update that,  from our ISP’s and mobile phone carriers, to our operating systems, hardware drivers, web browsers, games and apps, this software,that antivirus,this malware protection, that new update, pay again, give more money, get another update give more money, install this so that works, this update broke that so now you gave us more money you have to go and give that mob more money, now this wont work either so uninstall it and buy that instead, this needs that other thing updated too, oh didnt you realise you now need to spend more money again here and mess around some more to get that other thing going, it was working now its not, hey comsumer pay us more money so you can waists some more time figuring out that you didnt need that in the first place, who the hell can get any freaking work done!!
its beyond a joke and we are hounded relentlessly at every possible level and I gotta say its giving me a nervous bloody breakdown I tell ya...
You cant even open a web browser without being nagged for something, update adobe flash, update java, update your browser, oh you installed that program so now you need something else. Then theres the individual sites that you get used to such as your favourite social site, how many times have you logged into youtube or facebook to discover they have changed everything and now you have to update your knowledge again like your a total newb about how the new site layout works and what the new features are and why the features that you joined for in the first place have now been removed, that ok you can just spend a few months figuring out before we go and change it all around again...

At the rate its going it will soon become impossible to just quickly fire up your computer and do a simple task or search for something because dealing with all the requests to update shit will mean its faster to drive down to the local library and look it up in a real book..

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Surgery Today

Well I just woke up after having back surgery . Everything has gone well I guess. Still on a lot of pain but enjoying the magic button that delivers some pain relief. Mostly I am drifting in and out of consciousness and experiencing many vivid dreams. I have been having out of body episodes as well. Anyway at this point everything seems to be ok.

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I have a question

I have a question…..........

Nagasaki 1945, after the atomic bomb:

Nagasaki 2011, following earthquake and tsunami:

What the f**k is that arch made of!?