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Todays Rant! - Are There Any Honest Money Makers Out There Helping Their Customers to Succeed?

Today I really am going to do a rant, this rant is about clickbank product vendors that have gotten themselves into a routine of ripping people off because they have over learnt the whole "internet marketing" thing and stopped caring about who they are selling too.

Last month I purchased another "Clickbank Money Making Program" like many others this one was about using clickbank, google adwords and other affiliate programs to make big money online in the shortest time possible. It promised the world, all the tools, all the support, niche websites, keyword campaigns that work, almost everything done for you so you dont have to do it all alone etc etc the whole works.

I won't say exactly what the program was but it is a very popular clickbank product and the vendor is a very well known "super affiliate" who is well known and respected in the world of Internet Marketing. Basically it was one of those programs with a great sales pitch, good copy, nice graphics, exciting (but long) introduction videos "showing you the money" and basically he says and does all the right things to get you excited and sucked into the story then you part with your money and you download your purchase which starts you on your way, gives you a bunch of reading, study material more videos access to an exclusive members area with tools and training videos etc which all serves to keep you quite busy for some time and meanwhile you receive a few automated emails to help you get going and keep you interested.

Then after a few weeks the seemingly helpful emails slow down and start morphing into promotional emails telling you about new opportunities to "get in on the ground level" "special offer just for our customers" you have to see this NEW information or Upgrade your already upgraded account for even more benefits. It all turns into upselling of more products even though the product I purchased had already cost me $81au and was a recurring monthly $81au. For that kind of money I really did expect a super performing program. Never mind that $81au per month could pay most of an average household utility bill or even give you some luxury in life like cable tv, a great meal every month or a weekend away every year, In my case it would be better off spent on my monthly credit card bill. It is decent money and so one would expect a very decent product yet I was only to be disappointed yet again.

All I can say is Thank God for Clickbank's refund and cancellation policies!

Which makes me wonder what Clickbank Vendors are thinking when they risk loosing paying customers by over doing the "upselling" and not staying focused on giving their customers exactly what they promised in their initial sales pitch and what the customer must obviously be expecting. How can a business run like that? It certainly would not last long in brick and mortar form.

If the product delivered I would happily hand over my cash, if the support was good I would keep on at it and if the focus was on getting me where I wanted to go instead of making money out of me for other people I would happily pay a monthly fee of $81!

You Need A Budget (YNAB) - Personal Finance Software

So just where are the good programs? the ones that deliver exactly what they promise!

It seems they don't exist because nearly every sales site is the same, buy the product and get ALL THESE BONUSES, then after sales support turns into upsell's up the wahoo...

It all begins when you try and leave the sales page and a popup tells you "wait" don't go we will give you a "One Time Discount if you Join Us" click cancel to continue.....

You can really start getting suss if you do go ahead and get to the checkout, submit your payment and the first thing that happens is an upsell "pop up" right there and then, Internet marketers have the opinion they should strike while the iron is hot and the customer is in a buying mood but as a customer I feel cheated as soon as I see the first Upsell, Hell let me complete the sale get the product, use the product and give me time to build confidence before you start trying to max out my credit card and send me into debt.
These upsells might as well be honest and say something like:
" Hey Sucker your already giving me your money, you mustn' like money very much but I do so how about giving me some more, cmon I really want it!!"

If the product was good enough they should just ask the full price that they want for it up front, (like a quality shop bought software/book/dvd seriese does). It should give you a manual that is not laced with affiliate links and upsell's (like a quality shop bought software/book/dvd seriese does). It should give you good, no GREAT support by email, website, phone (like a quality shop bought software/book/dvd seriese does) It should give you access to updates and upgrades. (like a quality shop bought software/book/dvd seriese does) and it should do exactly what any advertising or promotional material says it will do. (like a quality shop bought software/book/dvd seriese does)!

God only knows that I don't want anything else to distract me when I get a new piece of software, training course, video series or software application, I don't want any useless bonus ebooks and crap that wastes my time from getting on with the money making part. I definitely don't want upsell after upsell or recommendations of "another great product you have to get now"

Surely there are some programs out there that aren't just a set of instructions with a load of "bonus ebooks", courses or misleading "automated systems" simply designed to get "Me" the buyer to fork some cash over get me onto a list and upsell me on more and more similar products or useless upgrades. I need to find something that is exactly what it says it is and not a set of instructions, websites applications, online videos and ebooks which after a week, several or in some cases months or more of solid reading, watching videos, following instructions, learning how to use an application and working hard you end up finding that all you have is a sore head, broken heart and a lower bank account.
I am willing to do the work and spend the money to get myself setup for making a living online but I am running out of cash, time and patience. What really erks me the most is that I buy into something that says "this is it, all you will ever need" and I start on their program. Initially the automated emails are helpful and I download the product print out all ebooks and instructions and follow what I am told to do meticulously but much of it is stuff I have already read somewhere else, probably another product the vendor put out last year or something It's convoluted and confusing, layered carefully with "hypnotic marketing" techniques to keep you engaged and stuck there, long videos that ultimately don't give you anything "solid" and still I persist because I want to believe, I want to trust and I want to make money. Then after a short while the program owners start sending information on the "next big thing" or some amazing story about somebody else usually coming up from nowhere and now they are no longer encouraging me and helping me with the product I purchased but telling me to go spend more money on some "other program"
When a scenario like the above happens it tells me 3 things

1) the product I bought doesn't work or can't deliver on its own merit because they have to promote "other programs" (could you imagine buying a new ford motor car and after a month of having it they started sending you information about another model you should "get in on now" or even worse their full endorsement on the latest toyota which if you buy through them they will give you a bonus ) it just doesn't make sense.

2) they are either the creator or affiliates of this "other program"

3) Get Out Now - Their not interested in helping, they have you running around splashing out cash, jumping on more lists and rubbing their hands with glee as you and others like you pop about visiting their sites and generating traffic for their stats pages. By then you know all they want is you spending more cash and visiting their emailed links!

Its so disheartening, If I was not a diagnosed bipolar sufferer I would have given it up years ago but one of the symptoms of bipolar is impulsiveness and not being able to let go of things once you start them and as a result I have spent easily over $10,000 on what is best described as crap over the past 8-10 years and I am still broke. My friends and family who know of my internet money making activities think its crazy and laughable that I believe you must be able to make money online and use me as an example of why not to even try it!

Sure I have had some wins with high traffic websites, PPC, affiliate programs, adsense sites etc but the idea is to get back more free time and make money in a way that is easier and more desirable than working nine to five for someone else and so it goes that most money making programs are not so much scams but misleading, confusing and you find that one page always leads to another, one purchase always leads to another and so on you go around on the not so merry go round.

All I want is to find one single program that actually works, doing exactly what it promises to do, It is 2010 for goodness sake and we have high speed broadband internet, super powerful computers and a good programmer who knows his stuff can achieve almost anything imaginable when put to the task so put a bunch of them in a room together and I can see in my minds eye what they should be able to do. I know if I had a room full of computer programmers at my disposal there to build my idea of the perfect money making system I could get it done, I could develop a real system that does what it says and it would work exactly like this - "customer buys product-recurring billing - customer enters details - software installs itself - customer earns money.

If the customer invests more their returns are higher and so it grows.

No refunds ever because the customer cannot stuff it up or falter due to inaction etc. it earns more than the cost, it is real software that works!

I may be a nobody, I may be a bipolar, I may be broke but I do know computers and I know that this can be done so surely there has to be at least one real program out there that does what it is supposed to do. If I cannot find it am I destined to get it developed for myself? I could outsource such a program on elance or vWorker or I could build a business plan and seek investments via venture capitalist's

Yeah if I had the time and money I could do that but really I just want a program that already around, one that I can buy - I set it up - it makes money - end of story. or am I realistically expecting the impossible, am I the only one that can see this program in my minds eye? is it simply too much to ask?

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