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An Incredible Story of Failure You Just Can't Miss

What a Looser or Is He?
Today I would like to share a story with as many people as possible, it is the story of one man who has just turned 40 years old and is broke and living alone because of debt, failure and a mental health issue known as bipolar. Now despite trying his whole life to earn money and be somebody this guy seems to have always ran into problems and brick walls. Unfortunately he was not diagnosed properly with Bipolar until 2008 so he was not armed with the knowledge or tools to cope with his condition which meant a life swinging between wild manic moments where he felt like he was on top of the world and nobody could knock him off to deep dark depressions where all he wanted to do was leave this earth.

Sometimes these cycles would occur rapidly while other times they might last months or even a year or more. But what it meant was during manic times where ideas where flowing fast and the brain was in overdrive risks would be taken sometimes and impulses would be followed like spending money he didn't have and then when the depressions set in the reality and aftermath of those risks would drive him into a state of mind where life simply was not worth living and there seemed no point in even getting out of bed. Suicidal thoughts, explosive rage, loss of friends and family turning their backs on him was the result but some how he always managed to pick himself up and have another try at achieving his goals.

Way back in 1997 he decided that he didn't or couldn't work for other people and he had a strong desire to make his own way in life by running his own business and so he started on a quest to learn about business and find ways to make money that didnt make him a slave to others. At the time he knew instinctively that computers and this internet thing where going to change the world and he desperately wanted to be a part of it so he started learning everything he could by buying magazines on "work at home" topics and "Computers"

So over time he got into mail order marketing and found a Niche providing floppy disks by mail order with shareware on them. It worked and he had his first taste that he could make money doing what he wanted to do and not being told by someone else what to do. He got his first computer shortly thereafter and the first thing he did was pull it apart and lay all the pieces out on the floor and then put it back together, it worked. He then went out and bought individual pieces, a case, a motherboard etc and put them together, it Worked and without any training, schools or courses he taught himself how to build and repair computers. Next was software issues and trouble shooting, fixing viruses and more...

It wasn't long before other people noticed that he had a natural instinct with computers and soon people started bringing their computers to him to be fixed and he was only to happy to help but things were still not right, he wanted to do more, he wanted to help others see how wonderful computers are and teach them and so he went on a business course to try and find out how to get a small business started that revolved around teaching people the joys of computers in a fun way.

Despite having no money he went about and created a detailed business plan and went out to government and welfare services to see if there was any assistance available to get a new business started but alas there was no help available and just when he was about to give up he got a call from a government officer that had been handed the business plan and wanted to meet to discuss backing the business plan. So excited and full of energy he accepted an offer of $20,000 from this government officer who was retiring to buy into the business and get it going.

Well to cut a long story short the business was launched and things were tough but he fought long and hard putting in hours and getting virtually no sleep for about 2 years to build up the business but disaster struck when just as things were settling in and growth was occurring the "partner" decided it was ready for him to manage and this guy that had done all the work was locked out of the shop.

Again with no money or assets to pay for lawyers he was hung out to dry, there was nothing he could do but watch as his dreams and all the hard work were stolen right out from under him. Destitute and with a new born baby he and his new bride to be were both forced into bankruptcy and now at the age of 40 many years later he has still never fully recovered. Although they tried he and his bride struggled, he desperately wanted to get back into business but had to bring in an income and so went to work for a few ISP's doing internet support and even helped one setup a LAN gaming centre based on the first business but nothing he did could fulfil the desire to work for himself. One day he remembered that they still had a website domain registered for the business which by now had been changed to another name and so he decided to start learning about HTML and building websites. Now this lead to him eventually generating some income and then working from home building and hosting websites while also doing some PC tech. But after a while it was obvious that the spark wasn't there, the trust in others was gone and with his unexplained manic/depressive swings he just didn't want to deal with clients who never seemed to want to part with money when it came time to pay for services and so it was back out into the workforce in order to try and feed clothe and keep a roof over the head of him his girl and their 2 kids. time went on and eventually the bipolar started manifesting in ways that made it impossible for him to predict his own behavior and several violent outbursts at home soon put an end to his relationship but did lead to getting diagnosed with bipolar in 2008.

Now in 2010 he is working part time in a pet shop and living alone, in debt and struggling just to pay the rent but still trying to make money online and not succeeding but he has decided he cant let it go, he has to dig deep and get serious about it.
To really try and put his knowledge and skills into it and not let the bipolar or past life experiences get in the way any longer.

This story I have just told is a true story, its a painful story and unfortunately it is MY STORY...

So now it comes the time to let you know that this is it , this is the way that I am trying to rectify my situation, by coming clean, by being honest, by accepting the past, my condition and not being afraid to ask for help if I need it (and I do need it)

So my first post here is let people know about my story and hopefully find some others who can empathise.

I like to write, I write all the time, its what I do and so at the moment I am researching various topics to write about while also checking out places to submit my articles and posts too which is why I am here at #site# where I hope to find more information that will help me achieve my goals and learn by doing while also discovering mentors to follow and like minded people to befriend and hopefully finnaly find a way to make some money.

My goals as a writer are to learn and grow and to share what I discover so that I can become a bit of an authority on those topics and maybe even help a few people by sharing some of what I have learn 't.
I am also hoping to gain a foothold at sites like #site# with a view to writing online as a full time career and so I would appreciate any feedback that anyone would like to share with me about my writing and my websites.

In addition to posting articles online I have still got that original website I learnt on and a couple more which I am desperately trying to get going and hopefully earn some income streams from with advertising and affiliate programs but my main focus has to be on writing and expressing myself and providing information that people actually want to and enjoy reading.
My articles and writing will cover a wide variety of topics but one that I am particularly passionate about is learning how to make money online and for this I have created a website at which is purely focused around making money online and is basically a place where I can keep tabs on my own ideas, techniques, tools and services that I am either using or reviewing that can assist me to make money on the internet, I also have a wordpress blog in a sub domain of that site which is and that is where I will be blogging about what I learn and discover about making money online. I am new to wordpress and still setting the blog up but so far I am very impressed with what can be done with it but it seems the more I learn, the more there is to learn.

My family and friends all think I am crazy to still be trying to work for myself or make money on the internet and wish that I would just get a full time "real job" but In my mind I can see that there is a very valid and real opportunity to work from home on the internet doing something that I love but the task at hand for now is pure learning. The unfortunate thing is that I have spent years trying and so far done nothing but get further and further into debt but still I keep on trying. I know that there are many others out there like me who just want to get out of the rat race and be self reliant and live life for life's sake and not just be a slave to a boss, the bank and the tax man. So with a lot of determination and effort I will be doing my best to achieve my goals by continuing to write and submitting articles and hopefully building a reputation as an honest, entertaining and interesting writer or I will die trying, fighting until my last breath.

My ultimate goal is to have money and be happy, what is so bad about that anyway?
I just want to have a full time career established, to help others to do the same and to do this I realise that I need to have some help on the way and so I would appreciate any feedback that anyone would like to share with me.

My articles and writing will cover quite a wide variety of topics both personal and professional points of view but one topic that I am particularly passionate about is learning how to make money online. Since I do suffer from a mental health disorder (bipolar) which does get in the way and affect me on a daily basis I have to work harder than others who might have the same goals but with learning (about the disorder) comes understanding and so I guess I will be writing articles about my experiences with bipolar and posting them here and there too. I have a site which was originally a gaming site made with php nuke which I intend to be dedicated to Bipolar and hope that it will help me and others to better understand how to live with and manage it. That site is and I welcome anyone that either has bipolar or knows somebody with bipolar to come and join the site and help me build it into a community.

One of my other passions that I intend to write and blog about is computer games and for that I have a website which was my first ever set up after a failed business of the same name located at, at the moment it is just a free online games site but I hope to turn the blog section of it into a game review site and build a community to help me run it. the blog is at and I hope that people will take an interest and come to visit my gaming site and get involved but time will tell.

Another website which I just moved from one server to a different host has gotten messed up in the process but basically it is a "Special Interest Portal" with over 30 different special interests ranging from Aliens to Dolphins, Big Boys Toys to Kids Stuff, Web for Women to dinosaurs and dragons plus all the rest. Originally I had this site loaded at my original domain ( and at one time I had it in the top 10,000 sites worldwide with many sections coming up in several TOP positions including Number one in Google and other major search engines but then my bipolar kicked in several times and it got all messed up as I started chopping and changing it manically and as a result I lost search engine positions and a lot of traffic, getting google slapped didn't help either and then I had several server issues and hosting moves that destroyed what I had built up so everything went haywire and I took it in a different direction but it just kind of imploded. Unfortunately at the time when I had it at its peak I did not really know anything about generating incomes with a website and so it was not monitised but rather completely content based but now I know that you can give great content and monitise your site to actually have it generate an income instead of just costing you in time and hosting fees so the new home of the "Gameznet Special Interest Portal" is

I know those sites are all messed up at the moment with many unfinished or missing pages etc but the basic ideas are there and I suppose it is a simple case of doing too much at once but my bipolar means that ideas flow fast and furious and I often find I have 10-20 web pages open and 10 or more so pages open in dreamweaver as I flick from one thing to another. I have often wished I had a team with me to work with, a room full of computers and people who could understand and see where I wanted to go to help me stay focused and on track but alas I am on my own. It's no way to build successful websites but its what I do, its bad I know but at the same time I just cannot quit, there is a lot of great information and ideas on those sites, that I am sure of and with some help, support and feedback I can get my ideas and goals completed and I am sure that there are others out there that would love to help out, get involved, help me clean up the sites and get them finished and functioning so if your interested or know someone who might be I would love to hear from you :)
All you have to do is investigate the site that interests you most and contact me letting me know you would like to get involved. If we can get any of those sites up and running properly and earning incomes I am more than willing to share any income they generate!

Anyway that's all I have to say at the moment but I would love to get some feedback from anyone and the best way for me to get that would be either my Gameznet twitter or facebook pages.
to find them just do a search for username: gameznet at those sites or check out the first URL above to find my accounts and then make a friend request or follow me to drop me a line there. facebook is the best one I will see every message but my twitter account gets a tonne of spam. I will however add ANYONE that wants to be friends or followback anyone on twitter that follows me..

One last thing, if anyone is interested in seeing some of the background of Gameznet in more detail, including videos and pictures of the shop and finding out more information on the person behind it check out the following URL there you will find out where all this "gameznet" stuff came from, get some personal history which even includes a section of my Journal from the period of time when I ran a LAN gaming and Computer Learning Centre called "Gameznet" which went horribly wrong when my business partner decided to do me over and take what I had built for himself. You will also see that everything in this article is true.

At the end of the day some people might see me posting this out as desperate and I guess it is. I may be having another bipolar manic moment right now but I feel better when I am trying than I do when I ignore my passions.

Please feel free to share and distribute this story, in fact you'd be helping me out :)

Original Author
Andrew Mc Mullen

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