Monday, 30 August 2010

Gameznet Revamp Underway!

Old Gameznet Logo
Today I am announcing that the Gameznet websites are all undergoing a total rebuild. At present I don't have an estimate on how long till completion since it is a rather large job but the sections will continue to grow live.
This change is part of a total rebuild occuring across the Gameznet network as I move everything to the wordpress platform because managing the sites was impossibly cumbersome and time consuming leaving many holes and incomplete parts which the wordpress platform will solve and also offer many community based features that were not possible to build into the websites myself.

So this is going to be an interesting venture but should enable each site to be much more community orientated and social. The goal is to make each site a content rich portal that will self evolve as  visitors contribute and shape the very course and direction that the sites take.

There are a lot of great features coming to each site especially the Gameznet Special Interest Portals so bookmark those special interests which you also share an interest in.

As the sites develop there will be invitations for contributors to become authors where they can write articles and contribute to the content of a given site or special interest and benefit from the new advertising revenue share programs integrated into each site. This will allow contributors to actually be paid for the work that they contribute to portals.  Today I am excited about this new phase as I see somthing extremely plausible and possible that should not take too long to implement.

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