Thursday, 15 July 2010

Gameznet - Free Online Games Arcade

Gameznet Au Update
The Gameznet AU website has seen many changes over its lifetime
and the latest incarnation is as a pure Free Online Games site,
The Special Interest Sections and reviews have gone for now but may
return in the future.
Now at the all new revamped Gameznet site visitors can expect a
fun free online games arcade with all the classics and plenty of new
games to check out.
Joining the site allows you to challenge friends, in fact the site is
very social in nature. The main page has a shoutbox for talking with other
users online.There are buttons on each of the game pages to link with popular
social networking sites like facebook.
I find myself sitting playing the games when I have some free time to kill
and my kids love the site. So if your in the mood for checking out a few
simple and fun games get on over and check out this cool little gaming site.

Gameznet - Free Online Games Arcade

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