Thursday, 30 October 2008

I'm finnaly Doing It!

Ok, well Im finnaly getting to know these blog sites, YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and blogger. Ive put some videos and stuff on each of them.

I have just put some photos and videos of my new pet snake, stimpy the stimsons python online and a few others which I will be adding to over the next few days.

Recently I have also been setting on the Online presense for my place of work (Pet City in Joondalup Western Australia) there are links to what I have done for them in my social networking sites! Check out the videos of pets I am uploading, some are really cool, funny and cute.

Anyone interested can check up on me by going to my gameznet website where I will use RSS feeds to "pull info" from each of the social networking sites I'm
using or follow these links to check them out now. Facebook MySpace and YouTube

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