Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Not Easy completing a web project

I was just looking over files on my PC and I realised how many unfinished websites , pages and "Money Making projects" I have in the works.
I have to say its not that easy making money online. It's the time factor really, somtimes I find myself sitting at my PC for hours constructing a new page or site to promote affiliate items on and it turns into days, weeks and often there is no idea of when a project will be finished or whether I will actually get it finished. Theres many half done pages on my Hard Drive and plenty online at various domains I have.
I seem to go overboard adding too much to my web pages and really need to get my head around "less is Best" otherwise it just becomes a mess. So I now go to clean of some crap but I know I am going to find some old page or project I was working on and forgot about and then start working on it again.. Remember Andrew , less is best, less is best!

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