Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Day 2 of ebay...

Well I got a few items in the inventory and guess what? Ive actually made 2 sales!

So I have earned a total of $19.90 by day 2.
So far my listing fees are about $100
I have also spent about $100 buying info products with resell rights - some of which I will be selling but to be honest many are so bad that I dont want to sell them.
I will keep looking through them since I have bought a LOT.
So anyway with the 2 sales I Have made I am currently down $180 so far
That of course does not take into account the time I have spent on it which is worth about $200 a day I guess.....

I have set a few auctions to start each day and run for 10 days which means I really have to watch the sales and fees closely or I could end up in all sorts of financial trouble..

Anyway- Until tomorrow :)

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