Thursday, 27 September 2007

Are You Trying To Make Money Online?

Who are you trying to kid?

You do realise that there is TRY and there is DO

You can learn something OR you can TRY to learn something.

That's the difference between those that actually get anywhere and those that spend their lives TRYING but never accomplishing anything.

It's time to STOP TRYING and start LEARNING so that you can begin DOING.

You don't have to be a genius, guru or even "Clever With Computers" to make money.
Money is actually everywhere, flowing like a blood stream throughout the entire collective human race. Its not hoarded by the greedy or locked up in the banks!

You don't have to have some kind of GIFT to enjoy it,.You definitely do not need to spend a fortune on ebook's, courses, memberships and instant sales website's or to sign up for every free newsletter, affiliate program and offer you come across all promising to take you from rags to riches in no time with no money.

In Fact, in the beginning all you ever really need is one thing..
A willingness to learn.
that's it.
That's All.

Take a moment to really think about that for a second...

There really is no rushing it,
You want to make money, You want to DO it RIGHT!

If there is one thing that we as humans all have in common it is that the only consistent thing we share during our lives here on earth is OUR TIME and for all of us that time is limited. Yet we often find ourselves WASTING OUR TIME AWAY in pursuit of basic survival and instant gratification. The thing is that we are all fully aware that time is passing and I believe many of us have a great sense of urgency when it comes to the need for money.
Yet many of us DO nothing about it, we just go on TRYING.

Think about this,
If your willing to " INVEST" 40 hours of your "TIME" 5 days a week for a paycheck at the end of the week its considered fine, correct even and there's nothing wrong with that, in fact its perfectly normal and expected of most people. But it certainly does not leave YOU much of your TIME left.

For all of us, yes even you!
We have 120 hours of time in a 5 day week
Which ads up to 6240 hours per year. We all start with the same amount! it's an even score NOBODY HAS MORE TIME THAN YOU!

People can waste it away or their TIME can come to an end but we all have the same amount of time in a 5 day working week - 120 or 6240 hours. Now this sounds like a lot of hours that we have especially since we have 2 more days but lets leave those 2 days of this since we are talking about the average working week. For most of us at least in the western english speaking world.

We work for 40 of those hours per week.
120 - 40 = 8040 X 50 weeks = 2000 hours time spent per year from our 6240 leaving us 4240 hours per year left (I've taken 2 weeks out for holidays)

So we have 80 hours left in our time budget per week from the 120 we started with ( less if you work overtime )
Now we really should have 8 hours average sleep per night but most people steal time from their sleep so they get less Lets just say 8 hours since that's what we should get for optimum alertness, focus, energy, attention and wellbeing during the day. 8 hours actually benefits us and is a good investment as far as time goes.

So that's another 40 hours we have lost
80 - 40 = 40 hours left
Divide this by 5 and we have 8 hours per day for ourselves.
But hold on we haven't factored in time preparing to go to work, travel time to and from work or the time we spend cleaning ourselves up after work.
Lets say that takes up another 2 hours of our time each day.
Now we have 30 hours left per week or 6 hours per day.
But wait there's more, we haven't eaten yet,
Got kids?, family and friends who take a couple more hours from you?
Chores or maintaince you have to do at home, on your car or other prize possessions, errands you have to run?
Is there a hobby pursuit, church, social or community commitment that takes up more time?

Then there's often time spent TRYING to "get healthy or keep fit"

Remember at the beginning of the week you had 120 hours! You now have. how much time left of your life to enjoy?

4 hours a day, 3, 2, even less???

I can bet if this is similar to your life then Not Much, If TIME really was MONEY would you spend it this way? would you be happy with your budgeting?I have often asked myself if money was really worth more to me than my time and I ask you this now? Well is it?

And if money is so abundant in this world (which it really is) then is it really worth SPENDING most of your TIME pursuing it?

Or like me, Do you believe that it's better to spend MONEY to get more TIME than it is to SPEND TIME to get more MONEY.

Although I have worked several "40 hour jobs" I have always known in my heart that my time is more precious to me than any boss will ever be willing to pay for it and that I would never stick it out for the long haul. So what am I better off doing? Investing extra time to work for money or investing that same time into learning how to make money?
If so then you and I both need to develop a strong mind set where we BELEIVE that our time is really ours and that it is ALL WE REALLY HAVE. Where we invest our time wisely NOW learning so that we can enjoy more time and STOP focusing on the pursuit of MONEY and instead focus on the pursuit of enjoying out time.


In this day and age with the internet being what it is there really is absolutely no excuse or need to under value your TIME or trade it in just for basic survival MONEY. We are here to LIVE a LIFE after all but what is life?

It is simply a term that we use to describe the TIME that we have on the planet, our "Life Time". Personally I'd rather invest more of my own time in learning how to generate multiple streams of residual income than spending it just to make money so that I can keep more of my time to myself and in the meantime budget my time carefully since I don't have much of it (neither do you, so matter what you do) and I want to have and enjoy as much of my time as possible. Its freedom baby, that's what I want!

And yes money can set us free during this life time to enjoy more of it if we don't waste our life time chasing, hoarding and worrying about money.For me the sense of urgency has gone for good.

It is no longer about "cracking the code" or finding the "Next Big Thing" and striking it rich so as to amass as much money as quickly as possible or making X amount of dollars this day this week or this year. It's about Investing my time wisely in educating myself and getting what I DO RIGHT so that the future me will actually THANK the present me instead of looking back with regret and wishing that I had stopped trying to make money and actually did something with my time.

That's my rant for today..

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